Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LVC Arrangement

I had gotten away from drieds for a while.... mostly because the colors just aren't as vivid as fresh & silk. However, I was asked to re-create an arrangement seen by the President of Lebanon Valley College, done in all dried. This arrangement includes: salal, hydrangea, larkspur, statice, pinto berries, and peonies. It stands an impressive 28" tall, in a heavy cast-iron urn. 

The meanng of "Local"

Most of us HOPEFULLY don't think of buying at Walmart as buying local, just because it's the local Walmart. But even these big chain stores are jumping on the bandwagon. Check out this article on the meaning of local:  Dirty Tricks On Localwashing

"The city did agree to remove from its press materials and Web site a reference to a study that found that, for every $100 spent locally, $45 stays in the community. The problem was that, according to the study, conducted by the firm Civic Economics, the figure was accurate only if the money was spent at a locally owned business. Shop at a chain store, the analysis found, and only $13 of that $100 spent stays in the community."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mary Hernley's Flowers

Made with beautiful flowers from Mary Hernley's farm in Manheim, these altar arrangements graced the front of our church on Sunday. Mary sets up her flowers for sale every weekend in Mount Gretna. Fresh, homegrown, and chemical-free! I love purchasing from her, knowing what I am getting is not loaded with all sorts of pesticide chemicals. Scraps from our designs go right into our compost pile, so even the waste stays local!