Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Eco/Green Scene

Just to rant and rave a little........
Question yourself: Has the Go Green bug bitten you? Or have you really woken up and discovered that you need to change? Do you just want to fit in, and not be embarrased by walking out of the grocery store as the only one with plastic bags? Or do you really see the point in the reusable fabric bags?
It's a good thing and a bad thing, this eco-friendly thing. See, in the past year (in Lancaster area anyway), it has blossomed so quickly. Good thing in that it is becoming easier to BE GREEN. Bad thing, in that it has happened SSSOOOOOO quickly, you can tell it's the new trend. Trends spread like wildfire, and it's the new thing that everyone is talking about. However, how many of these people are going to stick with it, and how many really care?
My guess is many will continue to tote there fabric totes. Many will continue to wear shirts displaying a green message. Many will say "yes, that strawberry is organic". But will they really see the meaning behind it all?
Well......... I don't think they see the meaning. I don't think they understand. The media has been so hype on spreading the news, but not the reasons why. See, the other day at the grocery store, I watched a lady tuck a bottle of a yucky cleaner into her eco-friendly tote. ARRGGGHHH!!!! It does not much good to carry a reuseable tote, then go home and spray an antibacterial chemical laden poison all around your home, washing it into our water ways, poisoning our fish, then eating the fish, then dieing of cancer from eating a chemically laden fish. For one, she needed only wash her counter down with a spray of vinegar, or maybe a few drops of lemon essential oil. Then she would have for one) saved her $3-$4 dollars worth of cleaner two) saved the bottle it came in (which she probably later tossed into the trash when no one was looking) 3) not poisoned her family with chemicals 4) not killed good bacteria along with the bad, and helped create super bacteria 5)not poisoned our water 6)not given some sort of disease to someone caused by carcinogens in our water.
These "green cleaners"? Not so green. Part fof the trend. If they really wanted to be green, they'd stop making ALL OF THEM! We don't need this crap!
More ranting later, I'm sure........................

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